Website WordPress PHP Custom Application Development Boise

Website WordPress PHP Custom Application Development Boise

I was asked recently, what kinds of work do you do for your clients.Website, WordPress, PHP Custom Application Development Boise

The short answer is “Matraex, Inc provides Website WordPress PHP Custom Application Development Boise to small businesses

Below I describe our services in more depth.

Contact me to discuss what we can do for you – Michael Blood – 208.344.1115 x 250

Matraex, Inc – Nationwide Web Services

  • We design online presence websites in WordPress.
  • We custom build web applications for businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals with ideas.
  • We create custom automation and time saving software using the web.
  • We support, refresh, repair and enhance existing websites and custom applications.
  • We provide Managed WordPress Hosting services.
  • We build, host and support custom scale-able hosting environments.

Matraex, Inc – Basic consulting and technology list

Matraex Inc, – Boise, Idaho Web Services:Website WordPress PHP Custom Application Development Boise

While we work for clients nationwide. A large percentage of our clients are from here in Boise, Idaho. When items become complex we are able to work directly with clients in our office onsite at our client’s office. We communicate via skype or just on the phone.

WordPress Website Developmentwordpress-development

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP.  WordPress allows Matraex, Inc to quickly create a beautiful online presence for your business and the give you the ability to login and make simple updates to your site.  It is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS)

We offer WordPress  Website Development solutions that are compatible with all business models and industry verticals. Our team of WordPress developers provides WordPress CMS development, plugin development. Also theme customization and maintenance services as well as ongoing security and update services through our Managed WordPress Hosting.

When you engage Matraex, Inc  to build or enhance your online, unless you have another tool in place. We will likely recommend that we develop your marketing presence using the WordPress Content Management System.  Depending on your vertical and your website needs we will either find existing WordPress plugins. We also build new plugins which add the needed custom touch to your website.

WordPress Plugin Development

A WordPress plugin is a piece of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress site.  Matraex, Inc builds custom plugins such as this,  any time that our client needs are not met with the base WordPress Package.

In each of these situations,  Matraex, Inc relies on its deep knowledge of WordPress. Also the WordPress SDK and the PHP programming language to implement new and innovative website features.

Legacy WordPress Plugin Repair and Replacement

In many cases we have customers with existing WordPress websites with plugins which are out of date. Even some what wont work with newer versions of WordPress,  in these cases we can:

  • Find an up to date WordPress Plugin which replaces the functionality of the out of date plugin
  • Make changes to the WordPress Plugin code to bring it up to date or
  • Build a replacement plugin made for the current version of WordPress.

Custom Web Application DevelopmentWebsite WordPress PHP Custom Application Development Boise

Matraex, Inc works with entreprenuers, business owners and individuals with ideas to define innovative Web based applications and solutions which solve real world problems.   Our team takes stakeholders through a process to define problems and craft potential solutions.  From this we build a project that  our clients want and the Matraex team can commit to.  We then work closely with the client to get constant feedback throughout the development process to implement a fabulous product.  Each of our Custom Web Application projects are implemented into a production hosting environment,  where we continue to support them as needed.

Web Task Automation

Most people that work within a small business recognize problems and issues within their industry that need to be fixed.   Small tasks which take up more time,  than the value they provide.  They often know that if they had the software,  the task could be automated.   Matraex, Inc builds the custom software that provides this automation.   We work with our clients,  the industry professionals who understand the issues. We create software which reliably accomplishes and automates the tasks.   We periodically followup on the process to confirm that the software continues to accomplishes what has been intended or whether it could be improved.

PHP Developmentphp-development

PHP Powers nearly 70% of websites and has emerged as the most preferred & widely used server-side language.  Historically, 90% of our development projects have been done with PHP. All new development projects are done using PHP, whether it is within the WordPress CMS. The laravel Framework, uses other composer packages. Or a custom frameworkless PHP project using a homegrown library of functions.

Matraex builds PHP websites using MySQL, Linux and Apache which is popularly known as the LAMP platform.   We are able to launch new LAMP shared or dedicated development and production environments in minutes at one of our two redundant Data Centers (Involta and Fiberpipe)

Our company’s PHP Development Services offer multipurpose solutions that encapsulate the following:

  • PHP Web Development
  • PHP Application Development
  • Custom PHP Development
  • PHP Software Customization and Integration
  • PHP Porting and Migration
  • Packaged PHP Applications
  • PHP Professional Services
  • PHP Outsourcing

MySQL and Postgres Database Administrationmysql-database-administration

The custom applications that Matraex, Inc develops integrate with a database to store persistent application data.  Some applications like WordPress automatically setup and  manage all aspects of the MySQL database architecture. But our custom applications require database administration (DBA) services for setup and maintenance.   Matraex, Inc has Oracle Certified MySQL Administration experts to address the Database needs of these custom applications.

Matraex, Inc internally follows very stringent Database Naming conventions which we have used for more than 10 years.  These standards allow our development team to very quickly create custom relationships.  We also area able to easily read and understand relationships in existing applications we have built.

Website Overhaul and Repair

Websites get old,   designs get tired and software gets outdated.  Matraex, Inc breathes new life into websites by either a small simple change. Or a complete website overhaul.  Depending on the client need we address goals and budget to recreate websites which perform.

Matraex offers Website WordPress PHP Custom Application Development Boise.

Company Potluck – 4/27/2015

Company Potluck – 4/27/2015

We had a delicious potluck dinner tonight!

Lasagna, Potatoes, Salad, Chicken Pot Pie and Sponge Cake

Thanks everyone who came,  we will go again soon!

Michael & Janae
Raul & Raysa
Parker & Tracy
Mac & Maria




Matraex has moved

Matraex has moved

Matraex has outgrown our space at 1101 W Grove St in Boise. The space was great and everyone LOVES being downtown, but we were to big for the tight space.

We will be hiring 2 to 3 people in 2015, starting with a new Developer on January 5th, and so we decided to treat ourselves to a little holiday treat and find a larger space.

So we found an office with more than twice the space (at the historic Alaska Building about a block closer into downtown Boise and moved in on Monday the 15th of Decmber.

With a giant bank of windows looking out at Bogus Basin, we have been very happy with the amount of space and light.
Over the coming weeks we will be adding our unique blend of geeky design to the office space.

The new address is, all those that would like to use the mail to send us anything, please send it to the address below:

1020 W Main St
Suite 250
Boise, Idaho 83702

8Th Annual Matraex River Trip (Survivors)

8Th Annual Matraex River Trip (Survivors)

We completed the 8th1 Annual Matraex Trip and everyone returned safe and sound.  We all got wet to varying degrees, everyone got tossed around, one tossed half out (but wholly rescued).  Other than one knee-bruised rib and a single rib-bruised knee, we ended the day with smiles all around.  Here are some highlights of the trip this year:

1 – The 8th annual Matraex river trip is only one year after the second 6th2 annual Matraex river trip.
2 – Basically this was the 8th because the 6th3 happened twice, and there never was a 7th.
3 – It was actually the 5th that happened twice, and there never was a 6th, the 7th trip actually happened.

AMRT 8.1
AMRT 8.2
AMRT 8.3
AMRT 8.4
AMRT 8.5
AMRT 8.6
AMRT 8.7

Employee Appreciation Night – Wahooz

Employee Appreciation Night – Wahooz

The tema at Matraex went to Wahooz on Tuesday February 4th  for some pizza,  laser tag, go carts and video games.

We ended up with a group of 15 with family and all.

I was lots of fun and we will probably end up doing it again!

Employee Appreciation Night – Idaho Steelheads Hockey

Employee Appreciation Night – Idaho Steelheads Hockey

The crew at Matraex headed down to the Century Link Arena to watch the Idaho Steelheads play against the Colorado SomethingSomethings.  The group of 13 (including some family that came along) sat just behind the east goal and caught some great action.

Unfortunately The Steelheads lost, but the everyone enjoyed the show!


Family Bowling Night

Family Bowling Night

At 6:00 Wednesday October 3rd Matraex employees with their families had a bowling night at Big Al’s. It was great to get together with coworkers, spouses and the kids and spend some time having fun and getting to know the families. John was the experienced bowler of our bunch scoring an impressive 199. We are learning that John is a man of many talents.


Bowling at Big Als
Wednesday October 3rd

New Website Launched

New Website Launched

After 4 years of building websites for customers, Matraex finally built and launched a new version of its own site.

River Raft Trip

River Raft Trip

Matraex held their 2nd 5th Annual Matraex River Rafting trip on Saturday July 21st.  Nick, Michael, Vlade, Taner, Janae and John headed to the Lower South Fork of the Payette this year for some fun in the sun.  Aside of a 2 hour delay from a boat stuck on a rock and John, Vlade and Michael nearly drowning in the last rapid,  not much else happened here.

Like each of the other annual River Rafting trips,  we finished up the evening with a dinner at the Sonora Mexican Restaurant in Horseshoe Bend

River raft trip

Saturday July 21
Lower South Fork

Fastlane Racing

Fastlane Racing

At 5:30 Monday June 18th Matraex Employees met at Fastlane Racing for a couple of quick go kart races. Nick has the most experience and led the pack,  leaving Taner, Michael and John to follow.


Fastlane Racing
Monday June 18th at 5:30

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