8Th Annual Matraex River Trip (Survivors)

We completed the 8th1 Annual Matraex Trip and everyone returned safe and sound.  We all got wet to varying degrees, everyone got tossed around, one tossed half out (but wholly rescued).  Other than one knee-bruised rib and a single rib-bruised knee, we ended the day with smiles all around.  Here are some highlights of the trip this year:

1 – The 8th annual Matraex river trip is only one year after the second 6th2 annual Matraex river trip.
2 – Basically this was the 8th because the 6th3 happened twice, and there never was a 7th.
3 – It was actually the 5th that happened twice, and there never was a 6th, the 7th trip actually happened.

AMRT 8.1
AMRT 8.2
AMRT 8.3
AMRT 8.4
AMRT 8.5
AMRT 8.6
AMRT 8.7