iphoneMatraex Dental has developed a customizable quiz app for dentist offices Celebrity Smiles.

Our latest web app for dentist offices has several features to assist in up selling your dental services. Your patients can test their skills in recognizing the smiles of popular male or female celebrities. This drives the marketing of the “celebrity smile” for the patient. In this case, the button is foremost in the user interface.


“I Want A Celebrity Smile” is a prominently labeled button in the web app and can be customized to your needs. The text of the button can be altered as well as the target landing page of the button. Do you want to promote your Dental Implants? Cosmetic Teeth Whitening? Crowns and Bridges?


Custom Logo Branding

The content and branding will be completely customized for your dentist office. Here is an example customized for the Norwalk Dental Center. Your brand logo can be integrated throughout the web app as well.


Interested in obtaining a custom version for your practice? Get a free quote today!