PDF Form Import Tool For Financial Professionals

The PDF Switchkit is a PDF Form Import Tool For Financial Advisors. The financial industry is tough. Everyone wants a piece of the client’s wallet, and the more you have, the better and more profitable the relationship can be. If you are a bank teller, personal banker, even a mortgage officer or financial adviser, you are tasked with gaining more share of the wallet.What are some of the objections you have heard from your potential customers or clients when it comes to converting them to a quality customer? There are a lot of them, but in the financial industry in particular, one of the top objections for not moving business to your branch…

“I don’t want to have to change account numbers”.

It’s understandable, this is no easy feat. In today’s digital world we tend to set it and forget it when it comes to paying your bills. Just provide the phone company with your account number, routing number and a signature and you’re set. Each month the phone company happily goes in a takes what you owe on your bill and you never have to think about it.

Convenience is king in today’s world — if you want business,  you have to be easy to work with and you have to be convenient.
When you have a special product or service that is hard to find elsewhere and provides a quick and easy way to do business, then you get an edge on your competition.

So let’s say you are the financial institution’s front line, a teller at a local branch.
The banking industry can be rough. Executive leaders push for more clients to come through the doors and ask for branch personnel to get more products in every
wallet through cross-selling or promotions geared at increasing the customer base. As the front line, you have to listen for the verbal clues from customers that indicate a financial or personal need that you as a bank or credit union can fulfill.

PDF Form Import Tool For Financial Professionals

Even the smallest comment can indicate an opportunity.


“I would just deposit this check at my bank, but it is drawn on your bank and you are closer. “

Typically, the conversation goes somewhat like this:

“Have you ever thought about doing your banking with us? “.

And here it comes…wait for it…

“I would love to do my banking here, but all of my automatic payments come from my current bank account. I don’t want to have to change all of that. “

What if the conversation didn’t have to end there? … What if your company had a solution for this? … What if the teller could offer a response like,

“I have a kit that can help you with that. I have all of the forms you need to make the switch.
What kind of automatic payments do you currently have coming from your other bank’s account. “


Now… they can


PDF Switch Kit

PDF Form Import Tool For Financial Professionals
Professional Management of PDF forms for switching business to your company Convenience of having all of the required forms available to the customer
Complete form once and fill in many PDFs with the click of a button Save time by quickly inputting your customer’s information – only once for all forms.
Offer a service which is unique in the industry – set your company apart Increase credibility and gain recognition for having cutting edge technology available to your customers
Convert your potential clients more easily and for less cost. Save money by converting a potential customer to a raving customer. Overcome the number one objection to doing business with you


PDF Form Import Tool For Financial Professionals