Matraex Builds Responsive Websites

As a Website Design company here in Boise, we run into customers that have websites which are very difficult, or impossible to use on a mobile device.

Matraex Builds Responsive Sites

Example Output from Mobile Tool

Often times this is because the website is old and needs to be redesigned. In this case we are able to redesign the entire website, and make sure that the new design is responsive and looks good on mobile devices.

Some times though we run into websites which were built where the website owner just did not think about making the website look good on a mobile device. Sometimes website owners dont even have a mobile device themselves so they do not check that their website has been built responsively.

With all of the reasons above,   we found a need to be able to quickly check how things looked on a mobile device.   So we build a tool which shows what the mobile responsive site looks like.

The ‘On A Mobile’ Tool

  • A user can see what their site looks like on a mobile device
  • It allows a user to enter their website and it pulls the website up sized as it would be on a a mobile phone.
  • The tool emulates a resolution 320 x 480 and fits the screen size into a mobile phone frame to complete the picture.

The full URL to the tool is:

Much like our other free website and DNS and domain tools,  Matraex, offers this tool for free for others to use.

We added a couple of links to the tool which will allow others to share the results they get,  and then if the person viewing their website would like some help fixing issues on the website.   We have a quick form they can fill out so they can request help with it.

A couple of features we would like to add to this tool if people find it useful

  • Automatically generate and save an image
  • Allows the image to be shared by facebook
  • Create a service which automatically emails the mobile image to the website owner once per month to make sure they are aware of what it looks like over time
  • Compare tool,  which shows the full website next to the mobile website

Matraex builds responsive websites services nationwide from our humble offices here in Boise, Idaho.