A bank’s switch kit attempts to make it easy for a new bank customer to switch all of their automated payments from their previous bank account to their new bank account.

It is most convenient for a customer, when a local company, like the local power utility has a simple form that they can fill out to update the company on which bank account to draw automatic payments from.

Local Company Forms

The larger utilities have these forms available and many bank ‘New Account’ departments have those forms on hand to give to new customers. However, this is still a paper-based solution. In today’s digital processing world, more and more financial institutions provide a digital Switch Kit document to the client to fill out. Most of the time these are in PDF form and are downloadable from the bank website.

So, how does a bank get a copy of the most popular local utilities and company account change paper work to be part of their Switch Kit? Well, most of the time they dont. The complexities of managing a third party document, making sure it is the correct version and getting approval to host the document on bank servers prevents this. Even creating a link from the bank website to another site to download the document from the local power company is impossible.

Generic PDF Switch Forms

For these reasons, banks typically just create generic digital PDF forms that a consumer can fill out, with the local company’s information, and then send in. These generic forms create much difficulty and confusion for the consumer (see How does a Switch Kit differentiate your bank from others?). They require the consumer to research company addresses, contact information and submission procedures.

Auto Switch Kit

Enter the Auto Switch Kit, a web application dedicated to your bank. This secure website has a preloaded list of the most common local companies. We set up each of these forms to integrate, which makes it so that the customer’s information only needs to be entered once and then when saving, the information is merged into each of the PDF forms, whether it is only one or fifteen.

If you need a Generic Form in your Auto Switch Kit, no problem it will be filled out with all of the consumer’s information and merged, so that they only have to fill out the information specific to the local company they want to switch to.