• Ian Townend

Updated: Jun 7

Welcome to our first Evolve post on technical innovation and application development.

It’s our goal to offer you a steady stream of value added information you can use to help drive your business forward with knowledge and insight into the ground breaking technologies & innovations driving the biggest business successes today.

There can be little doubt that our supercharged world of change is presenting businesses of all sizes with some real challenges, and if you’re at all unconvinced, here are some stunning

numbers to consider:

We’ll be exploring these trends and a wide variety of other thought provoking topics curated expressly for the SMB’s and entrepreneurs we so proudly serve. Here’s a sneak peak at some tantalizing topics in future Evolve posts.

  • Augmented Reality for Retailers

  • Low Cost Mobile App Prototyping

  • The Power of Custom Reporting

  • Connecting the DOT’s with Application Program Interfaces

  • What’s the Mobile 1st hubbub?

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